Cashmere is a fragile material, so please take care of your new garment.


You can easily wash your cashmere in a washing machine. Make sure to use cold water and choose the hand-wash cycle. Use a wool detergent and do not centrifuge the garment. 

You can also wash the garment by hand. Make sure that you do not wash or rinse the garment under running water, just soak it in cold water and use a special wool detergent and make sure to not wring or stretch the garment. 


Flat dry your cashmere garment after washing, by laying it on a flat surface with a towel underneath. Heavier knits may need to be slightly pulled back into shape.

NOTE - Never tumble dry or hang dry your cashmere garments.


Never hang up cashmere garments as they will stretch out of shape. We recommend folding them. If you have problems with moths, you can put cedar balls in the draw/shelf with your garment or can store in special anti moth cashmere bags that are available in storage stores. 


Pilling on your cashmere garment is normal and is most often seen in areas exposed to friction. You can easily remove them with a pilling comb which is cheap and available at Spotlight. After washing and using the sweater a few times the pilling tends to go away.